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Solid Waste Recycling - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Montana Recycling


Recycling is the easiest way to preserve the earth’s resources and keep Lincoln County as the pristine Gem of the Northwest. We encourage you to take the time to help maintain a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations by educating yourself on a few simple practices that will enhance our environment, minimize the waste stream, decrease waste management costs and prolong the life of the county landfills.

Recycling in Lincoln County continues to grow as the county continually strives to make the process easier for you. Self-serve recycling trailers are available and spread throughout the county and the Lincoln County Landfill in Libby is near completion of being renovated as a world-class recycling facility.

What Could You Be Recycling?

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Lincoln County Recycles:

  • Papers of all kinds
  • Aluminum and steel/tin cans (Soft drink/beverage cans and steel food cans)
  • Do not recycle: Aluminum foil, foil containers, steel, aerosol cans and paint cans
  • Cardboard (Both corrugated and non-corrugated cardboard)
  • Do not Recycle: Cardboard with a wax surface
  • E-Waste (See list of accepted items here)

Lincoln County Does Not Recycle:

  • Glass
  • Styrofoam packing material
  • Plastic and styrofoam cups
  • Food or garbage
  • Hardback books

Convenient Recycling Locations

North Lincoln County Annex
66121 MT Highway 37

Eureka Landfill
653 Airport Road
(406) 889-5117

Libby (Across from City Hall)
952 East Spruce

Lincoln County Landfill (Libby)
2501 Pipe Creek Road
(406) 293-7146

Kootenai Disposal
34745 U.S. Highway 2, Libby

141 St. Regis Haul Road

Troy Landfill
273 Dump Road
(406) 283-1713

Specialized Recycling Products

The Libby, Eureka and Troy landfills accept the following recyclables:

  • Used appliances
  • Scrap metal
  • Wood products
  • Concrete
  • Yard Waste
  • Batteries (auto or lead acid)
  • Tires
  • **Anti-freeze
  • **Motor oil
    **Troy landfill does not accept these products

Helpful Recycling Hints

  • Flatten plastic.
  • Rinse all containers.
  • It is okay to leave paper labels on plastic bottles and cans.
  • Remove the cap.
  • If you bag your paper, place all paper in BROWN PAPER BAGS.
    All other items should be placed loosely in the recycle bin.
  • Keep recyclables separate.

Vehicles and Mobile Homes

Junk Vehicles
At the Libby Landfill, junk vehicles are stored for annual crushing and recycling. If you have a junk vehicle call (406) 283-2442 or visit our Junk Vehicle page here.

Mobile Homes
Lincoln County has a program to ecologically dispose of mobile homes that have been deemed unlivable. Learn more here.