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Solid Waste Fee Schedule - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Montana Landfill Fee Schedule

Landfill Fee Schedule

There is no per use fee for disposal of bagged residential wastes at landfills or greenbox sites. Landfill operations are supported through the $135/unit refuse assessment fee paid with property taxes. If you have any questions before bringing a load, you may want to contact the landfill so your load is not refused.

Click here for a printable version of the current landfill fee schedule

Basic Landfill Fee Schedule

Demolition, construction and clean up debris
$8.00 cubic yard
*Unsorted loads may be refused and/or
charged a penalty of an additional $16.00 cubic yard

Concrete, rock, dirt not able to use for cover material
$8.00 cubic yard

Asbestos Containing Material
$32.00 cubic yard

Tires – Industrial and Commercial Loads Only
Passenger:  $1.75 each
Medium truck:  $4.00 each

Off Road Tires
$20.00 each

Less than 6 cubic yards: $45.00 a load
6 cubic yards and above: $100.00 a load

Refuse Assessment Review

You may request a review of your refuse unit assessment by filling out and submitting the online form below.
Refuse Assessment Form