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Declatration of Marriage - Clerk and Recorder - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Declaration of Marriage

Declaration of Marriage

You must prepare you own “Declaration of Marriage”. It may be typed or handwritten. Your Declaration of Marriage must be one-sided, on 8 ½” x 11” or 8 ½” x 14” paper size and must include the following information for both the Bride and Groom.

How to Prepare Your Declaration of Marriage:

Below you will see a list of what the requirements are to prepare you Declaration of Marriage.
Use these two downloadable samples of a Declaration of Marriage as a guideline. We recommend downloading the MS Word Document and editing on your computer.

Declaration of Marriage (PDF)
Declaration of Marriage (MS Word Doc)

Your Declaration of Marriage Must Include:

  • Full Names
  • Current Age
  • Residences of the parties
  • Father’s First, Middle and Last Names and City and State of residence
  • Mother’s First, Middle and Maiden Name and City and State of residence
  • The fact of marriage (Date you are declaring your Marriage)
  • Signature lines for the Bride, Groom and two Witnesses
    (Do not sign until instructed by the Clerk)

The declaration must be subscribed by the parties and attested by at least two witnesses and formally acknowledged before the Clerk of the District Court of the County.

You may use the following as an example of the Clerk’s formal acknowledgment:

Subscribed and Sworn to before Me

This ______ Day of _________, 20____

Susan Farmer, Clerk of District Court
for Lincoln County

By: _______________________