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Eureka Spring Road Conditions - Lincoln County Montana

Road Restrictions

The list below indicates the status of County-maintained roads in the Eureka area.

Roads designated "Hoot Owl" are only open during the hours of  2 a.m. through 12 noon.

Roads designated "Spring Restrictions" are closed, or limited to 350 pounds per inch of tire width.

The Resolution covering these restrictions may be read here.
If you have any questions please contact the Eureka Road Foreman at (406) 889-3702 or via email at:

A permitt may be given on closed roads. For information call 406-889-3702 


Eureka Spring Road Restrictions

Airport Road: Open

Ant Flat Road: Open 

Barnaby Lake Road: Open 

Black Lake Road: Open 

Brimstone: Open 

Burma Road: Open 

Carvey Road: Open

Crystal Lake Road: Open 

Curtiss Road: Open 

Dahlburg siding: Open 

Deep Creek Road: Open 

Douglas Hill Road: Open 

Edna Creek Road: Open

Fairway Drive: Open 

Foothills Road: Open

Forest Loop: Open 

Fortine Streets: Open 

Fox Road: Open

Glen Lake Road: Open 

Glen Lake Drive: Open 

Glen Lake Road to Glen Lake Drive: Open 

Glen Park Road: Open 

Grave Creek Road: Open 

Griffin Road: Open 

Hillcrest Drive: Open 

Homestead Drive: Open 

Indian Creek Road: Open 

Iowa Flats Road: Open  

Lindsay Road: Open 

Little Creek Road: Open 

Lundeen Road: Open 

Lupus Lane: Open 

Lupus Lane North: Open 

Meadow Creek Rd: Open 

Mills Springs: Open 

Mud Creek Road: Open

Old Hwy.:Open

Opelt Rd. : Open 

Orthope Lk Rd from Hwy 93: Open

Osloski Road: Open 

Peters Lane: Open 

Pine Bay: Open

Pinkham Road: Open 

Pluid Road: Open 

Pomeroy Road: Open 

Purdy Drive: Open 

Roe Road: Open 

Sand Hill Road: Open 

Sherman Creek Road: Open

Sinclair Creek Road: Open 

Sophie Lake Road: Open 

Stevens Road: Open

Terning Drive East: Open 

Terning Drive West: Open 

Tetrault Lake Road: Open 

Therriault Creek Road: Open 

Tobacco Road: Open 

Tobacco Siding: Open 

Trails End Road: Open 

Trego from Hwy 93, Dickey Lake to End of Road: Open 

Trego Rd - to Edna Cr Juct.: Open 

Upland Road: Open

Vukonich Lane: Open 

West Kootenai: Open

West Road: Open 

Westlane Road: Open 

Whitetail Drive: Open

Whitetail Lane: Open