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Superintendent of Schools Districts - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Superintendednt of Schools District Directory

District Contacts

This page contains information for Lincoln County School Districts.
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Lincoln County School District #27

Libby District #4
District Clerk   
Leslie Forster
Phone: (406) 293-8813  
Fax: (406) 293-8814

Eureka District #13
District Clerk   
Onna Escobar
Phone: (406) 297-5638  
Fax: (406) 297-2644

Troy District #1
District Clerk   
Trinette Todd
Phone: (406) 295-4606  
Fax: (406) 295-4802

Fortine District #14
District Clerk
Regan Lewis
Phone: (406) 882-4531  
Fax: (406) 882-4057

Trego District #53
District Clerk   
Shari Puyer
Phone: (406) 882-4713  
Fax: (406) 882-4365

McCormick District #15
District Clerk   
Marcella Hilliard
Phone: (406) 295-4688  
Fax: (406) 295-5008

Yaak District #24
District Clerk   
Diane Downey
Phone: (406) 295-9311  
Fax: (406) 295-9597