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Lincoln County Employee Safety Home - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Montana Employee Safety

Employee Safety

Lincoln County Employee Safety Department's mission is to develop, put into practice and maintain the Lincoln County Injury and Illness Prevention Program which promotes safety awareness and safe work practices for all county departments and employees. The program ensures that all work practices are in compliance with all federal, state and county requirements in order to reduce and prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses of employees. 

The committee meets monthly and is composed of a broad spectrum of employees representing both the diverse areas of the County, but also the diverse type of jobs performed by County employees.

Lincoln County Safety Committee Goals & Objectives

  1. Provide training and education for all departments
  2. Identify and evaluate unsafe work practices
  3. Ensure open communication through all departments for safety related issues.
  4. Achieve a visible presence in the county for safety awareness through bulletin boards, newsletters, and active involvement with departments.
  5. Track, review, and record all safety related incidents and statistics to have available for state compliance programs.
  6. Oversee incentive programs that promote and encourage safety attitudes in employees.