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Lincoln County Emergency Management Home - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Emergency Management

Consolidation of the three Lincoln County dispatch centers.

Request For Proposal (RFP)

Lincoln County Montana

Public Safety Communications Optimization

Project description:

Lincoln County is looking to optimize all aspects of public safety communications, including the following projects.

Land Mobile Radio 10-year Strategic Plan

  • Full LMR inventory, including site visits, antenna configurations, cabling and equipment inventories; photograph library; trouble reporting; FCC license review; electrical power configuration options; physical site security analysis; labels for all equipment. Software-driven LRM site and county-wide propagation studies to be used for gap analysis ESRI map integration: add inventories, propagation studies, pictures, and data into an interactive ESRI mapping tool.
  • Analysis and recommendations for new sites, new backhaul technology and configurations, paging options, LTE FirstNet integration options, and recommendations for integrating with State of Montana P25 radio network.
  • LMR Request for Proposal (RFP): new site recommendations will be formatted into an RFP, including administrative, technical and operational requirements; RFP will be sent to regional radio vendors for proposals.

Optical Fiber and Microwave Transport County-Wide Inventory.

  • Inventory optical fiber and LOS Microwave connectivity options including Lumen, Ziply Fiber, and Interbel, and any others we discover.
  • Include these fiber and microwave options in the ESRI mapping tool.
  • Work with vendors to perform a fiber and microwave Gap Analysis to be compared potential vendor implementation plans.
  • Cell Tower Sector Mapping with 911 Call Routing and LTE Analysis.
    • Get a complete cell tower sector inventory from all wireless carriers in Lincoln County.
    • Integrate into the ESRI mapping tool, including features such as LTE-only, What3Words integration, 911 call history as map points, extended coverage calculations, etc.
    • Perform 911 call routing analysis and change wireless 911 call routing where it makes sense, especially the Eureka-Canada 911 wireless overreach situation.

T-Mobile Location Based 911 Call Routing.

  • Work with T-Mobile to implement 911 Location Based Routing on all T-Mobile cell towers and sectors, including paperwork, jurisdictional ESRI shape files, scheduling T-Mobile drive-testers, 911 call detail verification, and updated wireless dispatch procedures for T-Mobile calls.

Wireless E911 Information and Training Manual

  • One for every dispatcher and manager with live dispatcher training sessions.
  • This manual will empower dispatchers and catch them up on the dynamic world of wireless E911.

PSAP Consolidation Study and Project Plan

  • Include everything that needs to be considered, and all technical and operational functions necessary to consolidate the three existing PSAPs into one county-wide PSAP.
  • All functional recommendations will become project management steps that will be mapped out across a timeline for actionability.
  • An analysis of improved functionality and economic efficiencies will also be included
  • Project Completion Criteria:
    • Project will be considered complete when all SOW deliverables have been delivered and the EMA Director and Sheriff are 100% satisfied with all the deliverables.

For more information, please contact Tom Lane, Emergency Management Director at 406-293-6295 or email at

To submit proposal sent to:

Tom Lane, EMA Director

512 California Avenue

Libby, Montana 59923


Emergency Management

The Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is the lead agency for disaster related services and coordination.  Our intent is to save lives, prevent injury, and protect property and the environment by taking reasonable and affordable measures to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recovery from disasters.

EMA is responsible for planning, coordinating Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery activities related to natural and man-made disasters in Lincoln County.  Other responsibilities include coordination of activities for the County's Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC, when activated, is a central location where representatives of local government and private sector agencies convene during disaster situations to make decisions, set priorities and coordinate resources for response and recovery.

The EMA Director serves as the County Fire Warden and Chair of the County Fire Co-op, represents the County for disaster related incident command functions, emergency operations planning, preparedness grant funding activities, serves as Chair of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and maintains status of FCC 2-way radio communications licensing and use authority for licenses held by the County.


The updated Lincoln County Communications & Incident Management System

Power Point presentation has been approved by the Lincoln County Commissioners and replaces the Lincoln County Communications Guide.

This presentation is required for all Lincoln County radio users. Agency and Department administrators are now responsible to make sure all their agency and department members have completed this presentation and have taken the test. Lincoln County Emergency Management is no longer responsible for the tests.

Lincoln County Communications & Incident Command System for First Respoders
(Must Have Power point to view the above link)



 Communications Test 


Acceptable Common Terminology


 Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Restrictions

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Mr. Thomas O. Lane
Lincoln County
Emergency Management Agency
512 California Ave
Libby, MT 59923-1916

Office: 1-406-293-7781
Cell: 1-406-334-7194