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Lincoln County Sheriff Detention - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Sheriff's Department

Detention Center

The Lincoln County Detention Center holds inmates that have been found guilty and sentenced to county jail time (less than one year). The facility also holds people who have been accused of a crime, and who are awaiting trial, but cannot get out on bail.  We hold inmates for all of the local agencies.
The facility is capable of holding a total of 29 adult male and female persons. Portable beds nicknamed ‘boats’ are used in overpopulation situations to ensure sanitary conditions for sleeping and eating. All of the detention officers are trained and certified as such by Montana Public Safety Officer Standards & Training (POST). They are qualified to perform CPR and basic first aid. Our detention facility is licensed by the Montana Department of Corrections.

*Detention Officers are not allowed to assist with legal or medical matters. This includes delivering paperwork or having an inmate sign a paper for you.  You may have this done be mailing the documents, or by having an attorney take care of it.

Detention Center Basics

  • Inmates have access to outgoing telephone services provided by Securus Technologies. For customer questions about billing and access, please call 1-800-844-6591, 24 hours a day.
  • Inmates are fed three times per day utilizing the services of a certified food services vendor. Breakfast and dinner are hot meals. Lunch is a sack meal with an occasional hot soup.
  • Inmates have daily access to a recreation room which has exercise mats, a Foosball table, and a library.
  • The facility is kept very clean and sanitary at all times. The inmates are provided with cleaning gear on a daily basis to clean their individual cell and day use areas.
  • Inmates have access to emergency and non-emergency medical care at all times.
  • Inmates have access to commissary twice per week, which includes food, stationary, and hygiene items.

Visiting Inmates

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Sunday: 1:00pm to 4:30pm
*Please do not arrive in the lobby for visiting hours more than 15 minutes prior to the above listed times.
*Inmates that have not seen the appropriate judge for their arraignment will not be permitted to see visitors.
*There are no public bathrooms available to visitors.
*Visitors may only see one inmate per visit.

Mail, Commissary & Items for Inmates

  • If you have cash, local check, or other items for inmates, give it to the detention officer when he or she comes to the lobby to check you in.
  • Items may be refused at the discretion of the detention officer.
  • Mail will not be accepted, it must be received by through the mail system.

Rules on Transferring Illegal Articles and Unauthorized Communication According to 45-7-307, Montana Code Annotated:
A person commits the offense of transferring illegal articles if the person knowingly or purposely transfers any illegal article or weapon to a person subject to official detention or is transferred any illegal article or weapon by a person subject to official detention.  A person commits the offense of unauthorized communication if the person knowingly or purposely communicates with a person subject to official detention without the consent of the person in charge of the official detention.